Dining With Democracy

Take a trip to the every day dinner with your family!

The clock strikes nine

The Sharmas sit down for dinner.

Mr. Sharma breaks the ice

By saying Mrs Sharma’s become thinner.

Mrs Sharma stays silent

Hiding her joy.

Teenage Rita on the other hand

Feels a bit annoyed.

Before she could speak up,

Mrs Sharma takes the dais

And goes on about the elections

Not afraid to bury her bias.

The banter becomes lively

With Mrs Sharma defending the left,

And Mr Sharma for the right

Ridiculing his wife with jest.

“The BJP created a dent

In the mighty state of Bengal.”

“Oh don’t you worry dearie!

The TMC’s in for the long haul.”

“And what about the Congress?

The party you so adore

What about their glory,

By which you strictly swore?”

"Give them some time

They have realised their need for reform.

This loss will only strengthen them

It’s the lull before the storm."

Mr Sharma chuckled

Awed by his wife’s innocence

He was charmed by the Modi Mantra

Of this there was no riddance.

Mrs Sharma chuckled too,

For she believed in her foresight.

She made her husband a bet that,

2024 would be the Congress' fight.

Rita watched it all

And in her mind the thought floated,

"Oh how useful their views would be

If only they ever voted."


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