The escapades of a restless pen

Hey there!


I'm Gouri, a student, an amateur artist, a geek for fiction and an aspiring author. A student of Sanskriti School, New Delhi, I'm currently in the eleventh grade and am pursuing a combination of Humanities with Mathematics. At the artless age of ten, I set my hands on the novella, A Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond, and since then, I have shared an inseparable bond with books. It is this love for reading that kindled my penchant to experiment with the pen. When not caught up in revising for tests at the last minute, you can find me absorbed in painting, reading, writing and binge-watching the occasional TV series.


In The Write Mind is the culmination of a desire to chronicle my escapades with the pen and to provide you, the reader, with an opportunity to delve into everything happening around us from the viewpoint of a teenage girl in the 21st century. With every word I put down, I set my heart on delivering knowledge in its true sense, opinions with a view for reform, and stories that can tug at your heartstrings.


Go on then, what are you waiting for? Happy reading!